We Are Looking for a Metro Student Ministry Leader


OVERALL SUMMARY: The Metro Student Ministry (MSM) Leader oversees all aspects of the middle and high school ministry of Metro Church (6th-12th grade). This is a stipend position, and the leader will likely spend 5-10 hours per week in study and actual group activities.

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Reports directly to Associate Pastor. Oversight by the Elders.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY:                                              

The MSM Leader will care for the students of Metro Church by both leading and teaching them biblical truths expositionally, and to lovingly counsel, guide, and mentor them through this season of life. The leader will foster relationships with parents, and disciple an assistant youth leader through the CG Leader and Co-leader model. The leader will coordinate MSM events and maintain communication and accountability with the Associate Pastor.


  • Plan and develop curriculum for the regular meeting that is approximately 75% expository and 25% topical

  • Communicate with parents to integrate MSM meetings into the CG model of meeting in three trimesters with rest months in April, August, and December

  • Disciple a co-leader by assigning teaching and leadership duties an average of once per month

  • Execute at least one fellowship or service activity during each rest month on the CG schedule with a minimum of one parent present

  • Submit graphics requests in accordance with church workflow policy in order to publicize events

  • Submit a monthly report to the Associate Pastor providing a summary of the month in MSM

  • Work with Associate Pastor to develop goals for growth and development in leadership and for the ministry

If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out our Application for Employment.

If you have any questions regarding this position, please email josh.rice@metronwa.com