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September 22, 2019

Bible Story: God Protects Baby Moses

Bible Reading: Exodus 1:1-2:10

Bible Point: Even when someone does something bad, God can use it to make our lives better.

Questions to ask:

-Why did the midwives disobey Pharaoh?

-What special job does God have planned for Moses?

-The plan for Jesus to die was terrible, but it made our lives better, how was Jesus’ death a good thing for you?

Parents, encourage your child with a story from your own life about something awful turning out good because God made it that way.  (Remember Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”)

September 15, 2019

Bible Story: Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers 

Bible Reading: Genesis 43-46

Bible Point: God’s plan is always perfect even if it hurts 

Questions to ask: 

-Could you be nice to your brother or sister after they do something so mean to you?

-Who does Joseph say is in control of everything that happened?

-How does it make you feel that God forgives you for bad choices you’ve made?

Parents, tell your child about a time that someone showed you grace when you didn’t deserve it. Explain to them how it made you feel and how it makes you want to show others that same grace!


Bible Story: God Provides for the Israelites in Famine

Bible Reading: Genesis 42 

Bible Point: Joseph had faith in God’s plan

Questions to ask:

- How would you like eating the same thing for 7 years?! 

- What does it mean to show mercy to someone? How did Joseph show mercy to his brothers?

- Have you ever tried to hide sin like Joseph’s brothers tried to hide their sin?

Parents, tell your child about a time you had to do the right thing even though it was very hard or about a time you tried to hide your sin and how that turned out.

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Bible Story: Joseph Interprets the Dreams 

Bible Reading: Genesis 40-41

Bible Point: God helps us do difficult things 

Questions to ask:

-Why did Potiphar like Joseph and put him in charge of the whole house?

-Joseph trusted God to get him out of prison. What do we need to trust God for?

-Did God ever leave Joseph? Will He ever leave you?

Parents, share with your child about a time in your life that you had to do something hard and God helped you do it.