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New Generosity Project Goals

We are excited to announce our goals for the Generosity Project where we strive to grow to be more generous as a congregation. Because God was generous with us in giving His Son to die on our behalf, we want to show this generosity to the world by being a generous people with the time, talent, and treasure God has given us to steward well to glorify Him.

Time and Talent

For time and talent, the Elders of Metro want to present a congregational goal to add 10 more volunteers to serve in Little Metro. Little Metro exists to "change little lives," and it is one of the largest opportunities we have as a church to make disciples like Jesus commanded us to (Matthew 28:18-20). If you don't currently serve on the Little Metro team, then you don't know the profound impact you can have for the Kingdom. When most people hear "children's ministry" they think that it is nothing more than glorified babysitting, but our goal in Little Metro is to teach children the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they would be saved. If you want actively participate the Great Commission and have more opportunities to share the gospel with the lost, then Little Metro is for you. 

Adding 10 volunteers will increase our volunteer base by around 25% and give all the volunteers more opportunities to attend Sunday services so they can grow in their personal discipleship and in turn disciple the kids of Little Metro. If you want to answer the call to give generously of your time and talent by serving in Little Metro, you can sign up here.



For our treasure directive, we are hoping the church to answer the call to give towards the general fund. At Metro, we rely on the generosity of our members to do ministry that shows Jesus changes lives. At our membership meeting last July, we accepted a budget for our fiscal year which ends this July. As of the beginning of April, we are around 7% behind meeting this goal. The Elders believe that God is wanting our people to grow in generosity through their commitment to giving their tithes and offerings to Metro Church regularly. Many members already practice this spiritual discipline because they know that God's primary means for reaching the lost with the gospel happens through the ministry of local congregations like Metro Church. Whether we have been unfaithful to the Lord by withholding our treasure in our tithes and offerings, or we already give regularly to the church in faith, let us all, as members of our church, pray to see how God would have us give to further the ministry of Metro to equip people to live lives changed by Jesus. 

If you would like to give, you can do so in about 6 seconds through the Metro NWA app, or by clicking here.

If you would like to hear a sermon on why giving generously to the local church is a necessary outworking of faith in Jesus Christ when we have a biblical view of money, you can listen to one here.