2018-2019 Budet Proposal:

We are sending this budget ahead of our Member's Meeting this Sunday, July 29 6pm-8pm. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed at the meeting, please email them to metro.church@metronwa.com

Important notes:

1. The projected non-designated giving is figured with 3% growth in giving. This projection was based on an average of the last 11 months of non-designated giving from August 2017-June 2017.

2. The proposed budget is a step of faith where our needs for 2018-2019 will require an additional 3% (or 6% total) increase in non-designated giving from 2017-2018.

3. Missions giving is based on projected income. 10% of non-designated giving will be given to the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program as first fruits on a quarterly basis. You can get more information about the Cooperative Program in this video

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