Duties of Christian Fellowship Plan

Hey Metro!

Most of you have already grabbed your books for the upcoming sermon series: Being the Church, and I wanted to touch base with you how we are going to use these books to help our church learn what it means to be the church together. The sermon series is going to be a big picture view of what a biblical church is, and the books/videos will focus more on what it means to be a member of a biblical church.

Picking up Books

1. If you have not picked up your book, please do so this Sunday. Our Deacons have been helping to collect the money to ensure we are above reproach dealing with cash/checks so this is will be the last Sunday they are available to oversee this.

2. If you did not pre-order a book, I still love you and ordered extra copies. So if you are still wanting to participate, just stop by the Connection Point and pick one up with $5 dollars cash or check.

Reading the Books

1. Starting this Sunday, every week for the rest of the sermon series we will be going through two rules a week. You can find the reading schedule under Resources on the Metro NWA app or here on the website: https://metronwa.com/duties

2. Each Sunday, we will upload an 8-14 minute video discussing the book and its implications for our church that you can then in turn use to discuss at your Community Group and with other members to “to stir up one another to love and good works” (Heb 10:24) so that we might be a church built up in love (Eph 4:16).

Again, you will be able to find these in the same location as the reading plan.
That is it. Thank you so much for being a church that loves the Word of God. It is an absolute joy to be one of your pastors, and I’m looking forward to what the Lord will do in our church over the next 11 weeks.

For His fame,

Cole Shinall

Lead Pastor