What The Metro Means To Me

The Metro feels like home. I grew up essentially on my own; the people surrounding me as a child were not there for me in any meaningful sense. At The Metro, people have welcomed me in; my community wants to participate in my life. My daughter has a place here; she’s been integrated into a community of children and godly parents who care for her.  Metro is the first church I’ve ever served in. It’s the first church where I’ve been under the influence of godly men, men who’ve held me accountable. Brotherly figures when I’ve never known brotherhood before.  The Metro is where I’ve started down the path to becoming a man.

Ben K.

During my first visit to The Metro, I was thrilled to learn that they preached through books of the Bible. All of the scriptures I heard that day were taught in the context in which they were written, not pulled out of various books to make a point that may or may not actually exist in Scripture. The hard parts weren’t skimmed over. Sins were called sins, not glossed over or ignored. And it always came back to the gospel. Andy made it clear, as Paul did in the book of Galatians that was being taught that day, that God doesn’t love me based on me and my works. God loves me out of His goodness. The message of the gospel has been reinforced every time I’ve gathered with the Metro congregation, whether from the pulpit, in community groups, or just hanging out with other believers.  Metro Church has been one of the biggest blessings God has given me in my life.

Adrienna J.

Metro is a place where Christ truly is above all, where the gospel is preached constantly in teaching, song, and community. Once,  one of my friends and I were sitting in a coffee shop, talking to another young dude and inviting him to come to church with us. We told him that he should come to Metro because he would hear the gospel proclaimed there. The guy was dumbfounded. He had heard people invite him to church for the music, for the food, for the single girls – but never for the gospel. I remember that this struck me as strange, because it seemed like the most natural thing in the world that the main draw of a church should be its commitment to Christ crucified.  And that’s when I realized what a special place Metro is: We are so saturated in the gospel that it has become the water we swim in, the air we breathe, and the path we walk.

Ian W.

My favorite thing about Metro Church is the call to, “pick up a shovel”. We are a baby church and need every bit of volunteer help we can get, but this come-and-serve mantra does not come out of desperation. The heart of our church leadership is to send each of us to be a missionary in NWA. We are encouraged and equipped to share the love of Christ with those in arm’s reach. My view of church has transitioned from “what can the church do for me?” to “how can I help the mission of the church?”

Jenny Y.