Serve The Metro!

One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve the local church. And it’s not just on the weekends! Serving opportunities are available seven days a week.

Whether you’re into numbers, words, technology, or people, God can use your gifts and skills to make a difference. There are several ways you can put your gifts to work at Metro Church.

Here are just a few: (click to expand description and sign up)



To create a welcoming environment that limits obstacles to first-time guests of coming to Jesus with the intent of care and follow up to turn first-time guests into fully-engaged members.

 Reports to: F.I.T. Leader

 Various Roles:

Greeters: Be the first friendly face people see as they come to worship by saying hello and handing them a Connect Card.

Baristas: Provide the great gift of delicious coffee to our guests and members.

Hosts: Help guests and members get connected to life at The Metro through Community Group, Serve Teams, Baptism, Membership Class, etc. by  assisting them Sunday mornings to sign up at the Connection Point.

 Why this is important:

This ministry is imperative to Metro’s success because this is one of the more visible ministries in the church: visitor’s experiences. Without successfully conveying that we are a church that genuinely cares about people, we will lose the opportunity to share the gospel with them and have them connect on a deeper level.

The win:

Your job is successful when first and second time guests become fully engaged members at The Metro.

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Job description:

Help keep a watchful eye to protect worshipers during service. Also, welcome and serve attendees with a smiling face in the parking lot by directing traffic flow and parking as well as giving directions to the main entrance.

Reports to: Safety Team Lead

Why this is imperative:

This position is imperative to Metro’s success because a great first impression sets the tone for guests’ and members’ entire experience.

 The win:

Your team is successful when Metro attendees are directed where to park, to the main entrance, and feel valued in the parking lot.

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At The Little Metro we provide a safe, fun, age-appropriate environment for children to learn the big picture of God’s redemptive story and his never-ending, never-giving-up, unbreakable, always-and-forever love for them. Kids will play, sing songs, snack, dance, create crafts, and have a blast!

Reports to: Little Metro Lead


1. Must have attended The Metro for at least 3 months

2. Must have a background check ran by The Metro Church

A typical Sunday in the Little Metro tends to look like:

Play: Peer interaction which allows adult volunteers to get to know the kids and play with them on their level.

Worship: A fun, energetic time of singing and dancing for Jesus!

Lesson: Every week the children have a story time based on a passage of the Bible. It is our emphasis to help your child see how Jesus is represented in all of the Bible, even in the Old Testament. We use this time to teach them a basic Bible truth that they can immediately share with mom and dad on the way home.

Snack:Each week, kids have a short time to eat a snack. Please see “will my kids eat anything?” below for more information.

Craft: Most weeks, kids will create a craft that corresponds with the bible lesson. We want to help children express their creativity and imagination. Hands-on crafts provide a unique time where kids can interact and see the bible lesson from another angle- a colorful and keepsake angle!

Toddlers in the Little Metro have a similar schedule revolved around play time, singing worship songs, dancing, and snack time.

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Job description:

Help run sound for the band and teaching pastor during the worship service so that guests’ and members’ can worship Jesus with minimal distractions.

Reports to: Worship Pastor

Why this is imperative:

We gather on Sundays to worship Jesus. This team allows everyone attending church at The Metro to focus on Jesus only by limiting the distractions that can occur with technical difficulties.

 The win:

Your team is successful when people are able to worship Jesus, and focus on Him alone during a Sunday service.

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Click to sign up: Serve Sound Booth



Job description:

Assist in the development of video and photos for use on church publications and website.

Reports to: Video/Photography Team Lead


  • Working knowledge of photography and video equipment & software
  • Willingness to receive constructive criticism on creative projects
  • Can complete projects in a reasonable amount of time according to goals set by the Executive Pastor

Job Duties:

  • Work with Team Lead in planning/executing church marketing projects
  • As needed take photographs or produce videos based on the needs of the church
  • Attend Metro events and assist in documenting the events through photos and video as needed/requested

 Why this is imperative:

In our culture visual media is an incredible tool in communicating the Story of what Christ has accomplished on the cross and is continuing to accomplish in and through us here at Metro Church. You help us tell that story to the world.

 The win:

Your team is successful when Metro’s photos and video exemplify excellence in communicating the Message.

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