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The Mission of God

To understand the mission of God’s people, we must first understand the mission of the Church. To properly understand the mission of the Church, we must understand the mission of God. This sermon takes a systematic approach to better understanding the biblical principles of God’s mission.

Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

This week, special guest Nate Sweeney brings the priority for all believers to know Christ and make Him known. Nate is the lead pastor of Catalyst Church in Bentonville. You can find more about Nate and Catalyst at: www.catalsytnwa.com or you can follow him on twitter at: www.twitter.com/fauxhawkpastor

Psalm 73

Psalm 73. Asaph looks at the prosperity of the wicked and is discouraged that his pursuit of holiness is in vain. He comes to the conclusion that the wicked will come to perish, and that it is good to be near to God The pursuit is not in vain.