Sermons on Genesis

Blessing and The End

Genesis 49. We are at the end of the book of Genesis and see Jacob gathering his 12 sons for a deathbed oracle that will concern tribes and nations. Some sons receive blessing while others curses. Ultimately, the blessing on Judah points us to Jesus and His earthly and heavenly kingdom.

You and Your God

Genesis 40 & 41. Up to this point, Joseph’s life could be described in one word: suffering. Learning from his example, we can see how he suffered well and points us to Jesus who is the perfect suffering servant.   *Note: Around the 8:22 mark there is a cut in the audio to remove the […]

Wrestling with God

Genesis 32. God has commanded Jacob to go home. This is a step of faith on Jacob’s part to face his brother Esau after 20 years of being separated. On the journey, Jesus shows up and turns immature Jacob into mature Israel.