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This is our church sermon archive. It is ordered from most recent, but is most easily navigated by using the sidebar widgets to search series, books of the Bible, topics, speaker, or by date. Note: some sermons include the community group discussion questions that can be viewed by clicking on the pdf icon.

The Failure of Failure

As the New Year comes into full swing, so follow all of its resolutions.  Resolutions in-and-0f-themselves are not bad things.  However, will they truly change us?  Will our failed resolutions provide enough guilt and shame to propel us to a better version of ourselves in 2017?

Advent: The Promise

In Luke 2.8-21, the birth of Christ is proclaimed to the shepherds and a very particular pronouncement of peace is placed upon them.  This begs an interesting question:  What is peace and how does the First Advent of Christ inform such a declaration?

Sacred Lives

the SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE We believe in the sanctity of human life, that God determines the boundaries of life and holds in His hands the two fragile ends of human experience. He is active in the conception of life and the conclusion of life, in birth and in death. This truth imparts extraordinary value […]