Music is a gift from God, important to our Creator, and a form of worship at Metro. We believe that God has given certain talents and abilities to our musicians and we desire to use those talents to lead others in congregational worship with the sole purpose of giving all the glory to God. However, not just any type of worship song do we sing at Metro. There are 3 main qualifications that we look at when worshiping through song as a congregation. music1

  • Christocentric Lyrics
  • Scripturally Accurate Theology
  • Corporately singable Melodies

Christ0centric lyrics are a must. Metro’s heart, after all in corporate worship, is to focus on Jesus and Him alone. As we choose new songs to sing, the first question we ask is, what is the song about? Is it about mankind or Jesus? Psalms 150 verse 6 says: “Let everything that has bath praise The Lord.” We at Metro believe that we were created to praise and glorify The Lord. It’s important because of that that we sing songs with Jesus and His glory as the focus.

Why do we emphasize strong theology in song? Good theology teaches us what music is meant to be. Good theology teaches us that worship is more than music. Good theology teaches us that Jesus is better than music. It’s true, we could sing songs that simply sound appealing and make us feel good about ourselves. However, when we sing shallow theology throughout a service, it places emphasis on ourselves and not the true nature and character of God. The Metro’s music is intended to be one of many different forms of worship to God and not ourselves. As we worship God as commanded in scripture, we pray that the focus of all participants in the service will be solely on Christ. We do this through singing scripturally accurate and God glorifying words while proclaiming the truth of the Godhead. Good theology both enlightens our hearts toward Christ, the Gospel and the true nature of God while giving all glory to Him.

We understand that not everyone at Metro is a musician and that is ok! While we work hard to produce great sounding worship, it is easy to fall into the trap of singing great songs that may not be something everyone can sing along too. Nothing is more awkward than staring at a screen and not understanding what is going on in a song. In order to be good stewards of the time that God gives us as a congregation, it is important that we sing songs with melodies that everyone can join in on. Lifting one voice as a church brings glory to God.

To emphasize once again, worship through music is not the only form of worship at Metro but simply a tool that God gives us to corporately worship Him with one voice. Through proclaiming Christ in our words, singing Biblical theology, and worshiping as a congregation, we make much of King Jesus. All glory be to Christ our King.