Financial Ministry Plan for 2012-2013

Dear Metro Church Family,

I want to first thank many of you who have been so very generous and faithful in your giving to the church.  As I pray for you the Lord continually reminds me of His promises of treasures stored up in heaven and His rewarding of such faithfulness.  I have written a blog post on stewardship that I hope is both and encouragement and a challenge for us as a church body as we move forward.  Please take the time to read and meditate on it.

Over the next 5 weeks I will write more blog posts to both educate and encourage us all not just in financial stewardship but whole-life stewardship.  I hope these posts will be a blessing to you.

As I have begun serving as your Executive Pastor I am filled with excitement in what the Lord has been doing in and through the Metro. I am even more excited for what is to come. I would like to briefly share with you a few things I have observed:


Since I began visiting/guest speaking at the Metro I have seen a large increase in attendance. In fact the church has more than doubled! Our prayer as your pastors has been that we might be able to lead you effectively towards glorifying Christ in all things. (Time, Talent, Treasures, Relationships..see blog)

Growth in individuals:

I have tried to be intentional in getting to know many of you and as that has happened I have watched so many of you grow in your understanding of what true community is, how to confront each other in love, and see you gaining God’s heart for both those around you and in the world.  I am super excited about what He can accomplish through us as we continually seek after Him.


Metro church has always been able to draw in a number of visitors, the difficulty we have had, which most churches do, is retaining those visitors and helping them to become a part of the Biblical community here at the Metro.  With the combination of the FIT team, the Connection Cards, and the general body’s friendliness and acceptance we are seeing incredible increase in our visitor retention.

Community Groups:

Community group involvement this trimester has been unprecedented at the Metro! We have had 60-70 in CGs each week!  There are many areas to still work on here as we grow and strive to serve in the community but I am confident that by God’s grace we will become a shining example of the hands, feet, and heart of God at work!

Willingness to serve: 

Having been in pastoral ministry at other churches I have observed that many struggle finding volunteers in the various facets of ministry.  That is not the case at Metro! We have been hearing from a number of you wanting to get plugged in and serve.  I have uploaded a list of service areas for you to volunteer in and a form for you to submit to me so we can help get you started.  Visit the Serve page on the website!

Looking Forward:

While moving forward as a church and growing into a new season of life is exciting it also presents a number of challenges. I will say this about the challenges we are faced with… they are the kind of challenges we love to have!  Growth challenges.  As I am sure that many have noted there are some Sunday’s where space is limited in the theater, parking lot and especially in the children’s areas.  As we look towards the future this may bring the need to go to multiple services. What a need to have!  We are currently praying through a timeline on this and will begin communicating more of that as the Lord gives direction!

We are also will be moving forward in advancing God’s kingdom both at home here in the U.S. and overseas during this next year.  I will be speaking to the church soon on upcoming missions opportunities! Begin praying now on your involvement there!

Transparency through monthly reports:

As I have stated from the pulpit a few times.  If we are going to err in one direction or another I would like to err in being too transparent.  In an effort to do this I will be posting monthly Church Metrics.  Church Metrics is just a term for attendance, visitor, CG, and weekly offering totals.   Hopefully we can all rejoice together as we watch all of these numbers continue to increase in the months to come, not for our sake, but that the Kingdom of God might go forth through us!  VISIT THE METRICS PAGE

This year’s Financial Ministry Plan:

The first thing I would like to say about our plan/budget for this year is that many factors were considered in the laying out of this plan. These including previous giving trends and average attendance in past months but projected future growth was also taken into consideration with some goal setting in mind.

You may download a PDF of the FMP here: FMP 2012-2013

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

A couple of things to note on the Financial Plan:

You will notice that Andy’s pastoral compensation was left at its current amount.

Under that you will also see that Donovan’s and my own were left with $0 in actual budgeted funds.

Currently I am serving full-time at the Metro without compensation or benefits of any type because, well, there isn’t the funds for that.   Shawnee and I knew when we came to the Metro that it would require us to sacrifice some for the sake of the ministry and we would need to rely on ministry partners to come along side us and support the ministry through giving to a pastoral support fund.  That is why I have set this fund up as a budget line item.

Please pray for Andy, Donovan, and I as we work to raise funds to place in that account to help cover our expenses.   If you have any questions here or would like to partner with us on this please feel free to contact me.

You will also see that I have decreased some of our external missions giving.  I want to make it clear that our hearts as pastors is for the Metro to be used to reach the lost in this world both in our backyards and around the globe.  The method by which this will happen isn’t all going to come from budgeted line items but through us as a church both going and sending missionaries from within the body as part of our training and equipping process here at the Metro.  If you want to know more about this and how to get involved through praying, giving, or going… contact me!  We are planning trips to Asia Minor, East Asia, and Central America over the next year as well as local community “missions”.  I will also be making a new page on our website with missions opportunities in the next couple of weeks.

Let’s continue to Glorify God as we love Jesus & love others with no bull!

Your servant and His,

Chris Kohlman

Executive Pastor

Metro Church