Volunteer Training #1: Nurturing Faith in the Little Lives of Little Metro

Session One: See, Hear and Feel

Specialized Little Metro Volunteer Training.

Our goal is that our Metro families will know God’s Word well enough to preach the gospel to themselves at home together daily, so when we are in the classrooms on Sunday, it is a natural extension of what is already going on in the homes of our children.
Using The Gospel Story Bible and the curriculum’s at home family devotionals, parents have practical opportunities to build a biblical foundation for their home and family, which is then supported by the truth being taught in the service and classrooms on Sundays.

At Metro Church we place a high priority on our children’s ministry on Sunday mornings. In our pursuit of this, we are investing in our Little Metro Volunteers by bringing in a guest speaker that specializes in training teachers, to better equip us for the ministry of each LM classroom.

If you are a volunteer in Little Metro, or plan to be in the future, you need to attend both of these trainings.

Please RSVP quickly to help us in prepare the printed materials for the trainings.

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Jenny’s bio:

Jenny Blue – Sorey is a life-long resident of Northwest Arkansas.  Being immersed since birth in daycare and preschool, she herself experienced the benefits that quality early childhood programs bring.  She spent her youth and young adult years working and studying in the field of education, focusing mainly on early childhood.  Jenny was founder and director of Guys-N-Dolls Preschool for Creative Arts, an arts-based early childhood learning center in Bentonville, AR.

Jenny currently works as a Core Knowledge licensed consultant through her company JSorey Consulting.  She conducts training in a variety of areas regarding early childhood.  Jenny consults in the areas of autonomy and social skills, classroom management, music and movement, visual arts, math, oral language, children’s literature and science.

Aside from her work as an education consultant, Jenny is founder and executive director of Hub of HOPE – a nonprofit based in Northwest Arkansas that works to bring Healing and Opportunities to victims of human trafficking and Prevention and Education to the community.  She and her husband, Tim, live in Little Flock where they are happily “empty-nesting”!

Descriptions of training sessions:

Nurturing Faith in the Little Lives of Little Metro

Session One:  See, Hear and Feel

In this session we will discuss the importance of creating a positive physical space for ministry in developmentally appropriate ways.  We will explore the nursery and early childhood learning environment, schedule, classroom set-up and volunteer interaction from a child’s point of view.


Session Two: Teaching Bible Concepts  

We will discover the importance of the nursery and early learning area as a building block of the foundation of spiritual understanding in the lives of early learners.  We will discuss developmentally appropriate ways to teach Bible concepts through our volunteering in the early learning areas of our church.