Easter Service 10:30am

As the Metro mourns the tragic events of ‘Good Friday’, a day marred by the white-knuckled treason of humanity, a day in which we chose our own sovereignty by crucifying the King of Glory, it has never been more evident that…we need to be rescued!

In our own lust for control, we rejected Jesus.
On Friday, He died a thief’s death so that thieves who daily robbed God of His glory might be forgiven and clothed in the very thing they longed to steal – life.

He was crucified on a Friday, dead in His tomb on a Saturday, and though the weight of the world and the sin of man was thrown on Him, He still rose from the grave on a Sunday.
In His astonishing resurrection, He defeated the rebellion of man and buried death in its grave.
Though crucified a thief, Jesus arose as the One and Only King…Forever!

We will honor the Risen Christ who has moved us from death to life, in both the 9:am and the 10:30am services on Sunday, April 16th!