New Year’s Resolutions

I love New Year’s resolutions! “Love” may be an understatement.

The new year always brings promises of hope, saying goodbye to the past, and turning over a new leaf. Every year I get a strong reminder of the gospel: the past is gone, the future is bright, God still has a plan for my life because He has given me another year to serve Him!

Looking back to the end of 2013, I made several personal resolutions, both physical and spiritual. Maybe your resolutions looked like mine: exercise frequently, read through the entire bible, love people more deeply, make healthier eating decisions, and be the best husband, dad, and pastor that I can be(in that order). I wish I could tell you I met all of my goals, but that would be far from the truth.

What about you? As you look back on 2014, how did you do with your new year’s resolutions? Do you feel like you grew spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally? When you think on this, are you ashamed how quickly and easily you gave up? So it is with most of us. Our soul is willing, but our flesh is weak. What a joy to be reminded that the gospel is true and propels to continue to grow in Christlikeness. God hasn’t given up on us and we shouldn’t be so quick to give up on us, either.

I’ve found the best way to make and meet my goals was learning from Michael Hyatt. I don’t know Michael personally, but if I ever have the chance, I’m going to buy that man lunch as a very small appreciation for all I’ve learned from him! His blog has been a tremendous resource for learning how to grow as a leader and make personal goals that stick. I’ve applied his teaching to lose 50+ lbs this year, meet my bible reading goal of 2014, meet my book reading goal for the year, and set a daily routine that puts God first and let’s everything else come a distant second.

Give his blog a look, it’s undoubtedly worth your time as you hope to make 2015 the best year of your life.

I’m praying that you will grow more this year than you ever have!